BioRad ddPCR system

BioRad QX200 Digital Droplet PCR System for quantifying DNA molecules

Users are required to design an experiment, design primers or probes and prepare the appropriate supermix - according to the Probes or EvaGreen protocols prior to using the ddPCR system.

Users will need to purchase the ddPCR Supermix Kit appropriate for either the Probes or EvaGreen protocol. Supermix kits are avaliable for purchase from Bio-Rad.

Prior to using the GSC ddPCR system users will prepare the supermix and bring this 20ul reaction to the GSC ready to generate droplets. Supermix reactions are stable for 24 hours at room temperature.


The remaining consumables are available for purchase at the GSC:

  • DG8 Cartridges and DG8 Gaskets
  • Droplet Generation Oil
  • 96 well plate
  • Rainin multichannel pipet and pipet tips
  • Pierceable Foil Heat Seal
  • ​Droplet Reader Oil

Users can also purchase ddPCR consumables at

Click here to download a pdf of required consumables and part numbers.


The ddPCR system is avaliable for user operation for $27 per 8 sample set (if all required consumables are purchased from the GSC) after initial training.

Alternativley, 20ul Supermix reactions can be dropped off and ran by a GSC employee for $42 per 8 sample set.

Please email us at for training or to set up a time to drop of samples for ddPCR analysis.

To sign-up to use the ddPCR you must submit an email request to or - after completing training - use our Google calendar found below.


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