Sequencing Queue: MiSeq, NextSeq 550 and HiSeq 2500

(Updated on 09/20/2018)​​

Queue for MiSeq:

MSv3-PE75 - KEB/JKK (Q#437)

MSv3-PE300 - SN/BD (Q#442)

MSv2-PE250 - SN (Q#440)

MSv3-PE300 - BF/SN/BD (Q#445)

MSv3-PE300 - PMR/YP (Q#444)

MSv2-PE150 - PH/RG (Q#446)

MSv3-PE300 - BF/BD (Q#447)

MSv3-PE300 - BB/BD (Q#448)

Queue for NextSeq 550:

NX-MO-SR150 - ZED/PSH (Q#443)

Queue for HiSeq 2500:

HO-SR100: 4 lanes filled - 4 lanes avaliable

To view lane assignments for the next High Output Flow Cell, please click here.

To view lane assignments for the next Rapid Run Flow Cell, please click here.

SR50: Single Read 50 bp      SR100: Single Read 100 bp
PE50: Paired End 50 bp      PE100: Paired End 100 bp

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