Lanes Assignments for HiSeq 2500 RR Flow Cells

If both lanes are not purchased, a cBot clustering fee will be added to the lane cost.
See services pricing list, here.

(Updated on 05/21/2018)​​

Run Format 1 2
RR SR-50 Empty Empty
RR SR-100 Empty Empty
RR SR-150 Empty Empty
RR SR-200 Empty Empty
RR SR-250 Empty Empty
RR PE-50 Empty Empty
RR PE-100 Empty Empty
RR PE-150 Empty Empty
RR PE-200 Empty Empty
RR PE-250 Empty Empty

Filled lanes represent completed libraries that are ready for sequencing.
Tentative lanes represent samples currently in preparation.
The client's corresponding quote number is also included in the queue.

To view current queue, please click here.

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