Sage Science Blue Pippin

Blue Pippin for DNA size selection

Consumables available for purchase at the GSC.

We stock product number BDF2010: 2% Agarose, dye-free, w/ internal standards, BluePippin.100-600 bp.

Users can also purchase Blue Pippin gel cassettes at (Cassettes listed under "Blue Pippin" heading).

The Blue Pippin is avaliable for user operation for $11/sample after initial training.

Alternativley, samples can be dropped off and ran by a GSC employee for $11/sample.

Please email us at for training or to set up a time to drop of samples to be run on the Blue Pippin.


BluePippin gel cassettes come in a variety of % for different size selection ranges:

  • 3% agarose, 90-200bp
  • 2% agarose, 100-600bp
  • 1.5% agarose, 250bp-1.5kb
  • 0.75% agarose, 1-50kb


Blue Pippin Consumables available for use

2% Gel Cassette - allows for size selection in 100-600 bp range, uses internal standards (Part number : BDF2010)


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